About Travel Documents Agency

Approved novelty docs is an online service for facilitating the buying any novelty or immigration documents online. We facilitate the process of owning an international or local passport in most countries in the world. We have grown from a neighborhood dealer to an international novelty documents producer.

We have years and years of experience in studying details of official documents and replicating them to a near perfect manner. We cover documents of all major countries across Europe, the usa, canada, china, japan, Korea, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt and so many other countries.

We offer a safety guarantee for using our products and detailed guide on how to protect yourself and avoid all sorts of border checks and authentication processes. Approved Novelty docs covers a wide range of products from ID Cards, Driver's License, Resident permits, Real and fake passports and also Counterfeit currencies from any country you can think of.

Our real passports and driver's license service is there to help facilitate you get an actual official passport or license. This service exists for so many reasons that could hinder people from presenting themselves in person in these offices. We connects and strategies for getting these documents for you without any alarms being triggered on you.

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Discreet Shipping

We make sure your order gets to you discreetly so as to avoid any unnecessary attention.

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Our process is easy and designed to facilitate your acquisition of any document you need

24/7 Support

We have round the clock support policy available in all time zones 24/7